Contribution to the pharmacological valorization of the roots of Capparis spinosa L. from Mila region

  • Hakima Beldi
  • Amel Benbott
  • Abdelouahab Yahia
  • Sofiane Geuttaf
  • Chawki Bensouici
Keywords: Capparis spinosa L, Antioxydant activity, Roots, Mila region


This work was done to valorize the methanolic and aqueous extracts of the roots of Capparis spinosa L. from Mila region. In the one hand, to determine a preliminary phytochemical screening. And on the other hand to make a quantitative analysis of polyphenols, flavonoids and flavonols. Then, the antioxidant activity of the roots extract was assessed using three complementary in vitro tests (ABTS, FRAP and DPPH). Preliminary phytochemical screening for aqueous and methanolic extracts indicated the presence of polyphenols, alkaloids and tannins. A total absence of saponins, flavonoids, terpens and mucilages of two extracts. In terms of antioxydant activities, the ME showed the highest antioxydant activity in ABTS, FRAP and DPPH (IC50=254.62±5.03µg/ml ; A05=207.30±27.93µg/ml and IC50=364.49±13.57µg/ml) respectively. In comparison with the standards used : BHT, BHA, ascorbic acid and α-Tocopherol). The antioxidant activity that was recorded from these extracts is probably related to the content of polyphenolic compounds (29.98±mg GAE/g). In conclusion, the results obtained in this study show that the methanolic extract of Capparis spinosa L. roots could be used as therapeutic products.

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