Exploitation du pouvoir épuratoire de Penicillium spp. : Application dans la décoloration des eaux

  • Sadika Haouhache
  • Abdelkader Iddou
  • Samia Benhammadi
  • Hakim Aguedal
  • Cherifa Benzai
Keywords: Penicillium spp; Wastewater; Dyes; Adsorption isotherm


In this study, we valorized a waste product from waste effluent treatment plant of dairy complex. A mold was isolated and cul tured on a
suitable medium. The use involved the application of this biomass in the treatment of contaminated water by an industria l dye. The
isolated and purified species is characterized as Penicillium spp. The study of dye removal shown a high efficiency of the biomass used.
Removal capacities obtained were in the order of 74 and 114mg/g at 40°C registered respectively by raw cultivated and washed biomass.
These capacities tend to decrease when the temperature decreases. Thus, values in order of 63 and 87mg/g are recorded at 25°C
respectively for the two materials.
This study revealed the affinity of the biomass for the dye, which suggests an application in the field of industrial wastewater treatment.

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