Étude de la possibilité de la régénération des huiles usagées type moteur au moyen d’une argile locale

  • Ahmed Boulal
  • Zeyenb Rabhi
  • Khadidja Mamouni
Keywords: Lubricating oil; Used oils; Regeneration; Power engineering; Environment


Lubricating oils are essential to ensure the proper functioning of the engine. They are composed of base oils of petroleum or synthetic
origins and additives. These give the lubricating oils good properties. But these characteristics can be lost after use, this used oil is unloaded
in the emptying stations. Regeneration of lubricating oils can be considered as a preferred option for the conservation of energy resources
and the reduction of damage to the environment.
We aim to treat used 15W40 engine oil, dehydrated and free of light hydrocarbons (gasoline) with sulfuric acid and to study the
characteristics of the oil. The results of this study show that the show that the yield obtained is 68% and properties of the treated oil are
quite similar to those of the new, unused, processed oil such as viscosity (70.96 mm2/s treated oil and 103.5 mm2/s new oil), the flash point
(178 and 180). ), the pour point (-10 and -9.6) and the density (0.8726 and 0.875). which allows us to take advantage of the processed oil.